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3 Books to Read When You’re Grappling with Faith & Health

3 books to read when you're grappling with faith and health

A Grief Observed

by C.S. Lewis (The Seabury Press, 1963)

Lewis shares so many incredibly expressed thoughts about the nature of faith, suffering, and illness, that this book has much rich wisdom to share, far beyond the named experience of grief at the death of his wife.

Same Lake, Different Boat

by Stephanie O. Hubach (P&R Publishing, 2006)

Hubach’s work is an excellent, useful, and compassionate treatment of the topic of living with physical problems of a relentless nature. She shares much useful insight and wisdom for living the Christian life both as and alongside people who are experiencing more physical challenges than most. Her easy-to-understand explanation of the various worldviews of physical suffering is very helpful.

Faith with Wings

by AmyLu Riley (AmyLu Riley, forthcoming 2019)

God can use even the physical problems—that neither God nor people want—to grow the kind of faith that can accomplish something in the kingdom that nothing else can. Through Scripture meditations and conversations with God, the author shares how her faith during chronic illness grew into to something that will outlast and surpass the problems that birthed it.

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