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5 Favorite Books to Read When You’re Serious About Healing & the Bible

5 Favorite Books to Read When You're Serious About Healing & the Bible - AmyLu-Riley.comThe Bible and Healing: A Medical and Theological Commentary

by John Wilkinson (Eerdman’s Pub Co, 2000)

This book’s table of contents is like a who’s who of the topics I most care about when it comes to the Bible and healing. This book was so helpful, and I loved this book so much, I wrote a whole blog post about it. The book is also available as a free PDF; (details on my website).


by Francis MacNutt (Ave Maria Press, 1999)

This book was absolutely an answer to my prayers. It blows my mind a little bit that God used a book that was written in 1974 to answer my prayers decades later. I highly recommend the book, which I talk more about it in this blog post.

The Healing Reawakening

by Francis MacNutt (Chosen Books, 2005)

This book was such a timely eye-opener. I saw how, through subtle, clever means, Satan has tried to rob the church of our healing ministry. We’ve been like the frog in the pot of water that was gradually made hotter, until we were nearly cooked. In this blog post I talk more about the book and how it “woke” me to Satan’s oppression of the sick. I highly recommend the book.

Sealed Orders

by Agnes Sanford (Bridge-Logos Publishers, 2009)

What a book. Sealed Orders is the story of a writer, a woman, a pray-er, and best of all, someone who expected her Christian faith to grow and who constantly held spiritual ideas in tension and watched for God to guide her. Once she received God’s Spirit, she lived by the Spirit. I recommend reading this one before reading The Healing Light. And I highly recommend both books. (I wrote this blog entry about my experience with Sealed Orders.)

The Healing Light

by Agnes Sanford (Ballantine Books, 1983)

Seeing the gifts God gave this woman and how she stewarded them was both exceptionally instructive and highly encouraging to me. I highly recommend this book. See Sealed Orders above, which I recommend reading first. (I wrote this blog entry about my experience with these two books.)

And another one on the way…

Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet-Healed

by AmyLu Riley (AmyLu Riley, forthcoming 2019)

When you know God can heal you and you wonder why he doesn’t, you’re not alone. It hurts, sometimes more than many physical problems combined. If your theology isn’t reaching your pain on this issue, these books will take you through the wrestling with God and the Bible that can help you find the kind of faith your spirit needs to live strong.

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