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The Mailbox and the Loading Dock

Have you ever seen a loading dock? Those large garage-door openings at the back of buildings where a semi-trailer can back up to a concrete bay and large cargo can be unloaded through the huge opening?

I recently had a dream about a loading dock with a mailbox in front of it. A tiny little mailbox on a metal pole had been constructed directly in front of the loading dock. It was obstructing the way for any large truck to come, and for any large cargo to be unloaded.

The expectation of things small enough to fit into a mailbox was in the way of the arrival of massive things.

In the dream, the mailbox had been there for quite a while. The metal pole was rusty. The mailbox was weathered.

When I pointed out to someone in the dream that the mailbox was impeding any arrival at the loading dock, he went right away and got a saw and sheared off the mailbox pole at ground level—clearing the way to the loading dock.

This is the season to get the small mailbox out of the way, so that the way is open to the loading dock.

We’ve been expecting small things from God for a long time. He wants us to clear that out of the way.

For the upcoming season, the old expectations are too small. We need to clear them out of the way.
Photo credit: Christin Hume

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