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Faith with Grit

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“I know God can heal me, so why doesn’t he?”

That one spiritual issue can cause more hurt than many physical problems combined.

AmyLu Riley knows. Her own theology wasn’t reaching the depth of her pain on this very issue. She had known the answers about suffering—until she was actually living it. As years came and went without healing, a gap widened between what she believed and what she was actually experiencing.

Maybe you’re facing this, too. You believe in God. You trust him. And while your faith is a lifeline, something just isn’t adding up—something painful that’s difficult to pinpoint or even admit to yourself.

In Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet Healed, AmyLu opens her journals to share the wrestling with God and the Bible that put grit in her faith—and can do the same for you.

Come on a quest for the kind of faith your spirit needs to live strong.



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“I love it. It took the whole discussion to a new level.” – Greg Allen

“It felt like Faith with Grit built upon the relationship started in Stay. In Stay, I felt like I had a trusted and seasoned friend to guide me. In Faith with Grit, this same trusted friend is boldly and respectfully standing up to God for insight regarding the issues I’m dealing with.”

“From the beginning I felt like you were asking the questions I wanted to ask.”

“I either hadn’t asked them because I didn’t have the words to describe my feelings, or because I didn’t feel like I could take a solid stand on Scripture to support my claim. Your questions were direct and unflinching—but always respectful.”

“It is everyone’s life.”

“I never felt like you questioned God for being who he is or doing what he does, but rather asked for clarity on some important personal issues. The “personal” idea here is key: You are not focused on theology as a concept; this is about your own life. But at the same time, it is everyone’s life.”

3D book cover of Faith with Grit by AmyLu Riley

“It is amazing. I truly believe Faith with Grit will be used to bring hope to hurting people.”

“Faith with Grit seemed like a journey through Scripture—with a specific purpose. Not a study for the sake of study, but to uncover specific, related truths. There was no skimming over difficult topics or turning away from hard issues. The extremely logical and thorough investigation was so refreshing. You did not hold back from shining the investigative light into any dark corner in your way. You kept asking, ‘Does it make sense? Does it align with all Scripture?'”

“Later on, I felt like you had invited me into your own prayer world. The prayers were words I wanted to utter.”

“Your prayers will be a useful guide in improving my own conversations with God.”

“It’s good to have a genuine guide available to help make the journey not just endurable, but meaningful. It was a joy to read.”

“Faith with Grit will be invaluable to people who need it.” – Greg Allen


3D book cover of Faith with Grit by AmyLu Riley


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Is someone you care about in a not-yet-healed season? Give Faith with Grit as a gift of lasting encouragement.


AmyLu Riley Reads Chapter 1 of Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet Healed