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Books by AmyLu Riley

image with covers of 3 books by AmyLu Riley

I’m so excited to announce that my next book will be a Christian Inspirational Fiction collection! Fans of Jan Karon, Miss Read, or Agnes Sanford will delight in this new series. Now is a great time to subscribe to emails so you’ll get all the news about it!

Faith with Wings by AmyLu Riley

Faith with Wings

Are you ready to soar free? Come on an unexpected journey of truth, love, and freedom in Christ.


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Faith with Grit book cover

Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet Healed

“I know God can heal me, so why doesn’t he?” Come on a quest for the kind of faith your spirit needs to live strong.


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Stay by AmyLu Riley - Book Cover (JPG)

Stay: Why I’m Still Here, A Spiritual Memoir

See how God took what looked like an ending and made it into a new beginning. Just like he wants to do for you.


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Jesus as Healer: Miracles and Meditations in Luke

Look into the face of the one who can heal anything. Come away on a life-changing meditation journey through the incredible work of Jesus as healer in the Bible book of Luke.


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Getting from There to Here

If your experience isn’t matching Scripture, and you have no idea what to do about it, I invite you to check out the journey I’ve taken. These four nonfiction books—Jesus as Healer, Stay, Faith with Grit, and Faith with Wings, can serve as a breadcrumb trail for many people with backgrounds similar to my own: living for decades without ever seeing healing miracles, needing one and knowing God could do one anytime he wanted—but not really expecting one, and thinking my case might have already been closed.

Bookend Dreams

In chapter 3 of Faith with Wings (2020) I recounted a dream in which I vehemently made the accusation against God that he was never going to heal me because he hadn’t already done it.  My accusation against God was a lie I had wrongly believed: God used the dream to expose the lie. In the rest of that book, I talk about what happened after the lie met the light. And then, 52 days after that book was published, God began giving me miraculous healings

Even after that, God has continued to tear down lies by showing me truth.

In June of 2021, God gave me a similar opportunity to tell him what was in my heart about the remaining healings I need—again, while I was sleeping and he could bypass my inhibition and find the answer that was living in the core of me.

In the dream, someone had not yet been healed. But I knew without a doubt that God would heal them, because the New Testament records a God who healed everyone who came to him for healing—whatever their need. In the dream, I enthusiastically proclaimed in a loud voice, “He healed them all!” And then, smiling right into Jesus’s face, I joyfully exclaimed, “It’s who you are!”

The stark difference between these two dreams revealed to me how my faith has changed, in just the space of a few years. And I can tell you, looking into Jesus’s face with joy was definitely the better of the two. What made the difference? Come and see. These books share my journey from one of those “bookend” dreams to the other. 

And, then, get ready for more. This, truly, was just the beginning.