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How The Power to Heal by Francis MacNutt Changed My Faith to Pray for Healing of Chronic Illness

I found the insights that Francis MacNutt shared in The Power to Heal (Ave Maria Press, 1992) to be especially encouraging and practically helpful, especially when it comes to chronic illness. The book built my faith for praying for healing of chronic illness. And its insights encouraged me to not…

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Woke: How the Suppression of the Church’s Healing Ministry is Oppressing People with Chronic Illness

  Satan has tried, through clever means, to kill, steal, and destroy the healing ministry of the church. In The Healing Reawakening by Francis MacNutt (Chosen Books, 2005), I got woke as to how he attempted it—and how far he got. And now that I know, I intend to do…

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Where Has This Book on Healing Been? My Thoughts on Francis MacNutt’s “Healing”

Cogent, sane, and well-rounded, Francis MacNutt’s book Healing (Ave Maria Press, 1974) gives excellent insight on the topics of healing and prayer for healing. Clearly, MacNutt has been in the trenches. He writes with wisdom, humility, and transparency. This is truly one of those Where has this book been?! books.…

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A Conversation with John Wilkinson’s The Bible and Healing: A Medical and Theological Commentary

Reading John Wilkinson’s The Bible and Healing: A Medical and Theological Commentary (The Handsel Press Limited, Great Britain, 1998) was like having a conversation I have been waiting to have for a long time. I am very grateful to have found the book. And although the author is no longer…

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