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A Prayer Strategy

This is a message for Christian prayer warriors. Summary of the Prayer Strategy Concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019 Discussed in this Post: I am asking God to take apart the virus, and to deliver us from evil—including deliverance from all potential health interventions that would harm. And, prompted strongly by the Spirit, I…


Taking Communion at Home – With Food Sensitivities & Without Wine, Juice, or Bread

As more local churches are unable to meet physically during this time of pestilence, the Lord’s Supper must not be neglected. This isn’t a matter of legalism. The Lord’s Supper is a privilege by which we continue to honor the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:29), announce his death until…

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A Pasture for Peterkin by Agnes Sanford – Teaching on Prayer for Older Kids & Adults

A Pasture for Peterkin by Agnes Sanford is infused with practical teachings on prayer and faith so interwoven into the story that I expect  I will remember them—and be able to implement them—for a long time. Teaching in stories was one of the primary ways Jesus taught. He knew how…

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