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June 2020 Email Archive – What the World Needs Now

June 2020 Email Archive – What the World Needs Now

There are some problems that just can’t be solved in human strength, by human will, or by any other thing a human can do.

And those seem to be the very problems that the enemy is throwing in our faces these days.

But the bad news for Satan—and the very, very good news for humanity—is that these problems can be solved by God’s power and love and wisdom.

When Satan goes too far, the eyes of more people get opened to the fact that we need God’s power to save and to deliver and to heal. We haven’t gotten the job done without his power—because it’s impossible to do so. So when we’re faced in painful ways with the irrefutable evidence of that fact, we finally become ready to do something we haven’t done before, to get results we haven’t gotten before.

I’m talking about seeking the Holy Spirit of God for the power in individual lives to live into our full design, accomplish our full calling, and do our part to usher in the kingdom of God on earth.

In 1 Kings 18:46, God gave power to Elijah to do something that was impossible in merely human terms. It’s time for us to seek God for his power to do his saving work in cooperation with him. See Acts 1:8 and Luke 11:13.

If you haven’t yet read my book Faith with Wings, I encourage you to get a copy. It will lead you through a journey—aided by discussion questions for each chapter—that will prepare you for what God wants to do next in your individual life—by his power.

What the world needs now is sozo.

Sozo means to save, deliver, and heal. It’s why Jesus came.

Sozo is mentioned more than 100 times in the New Testament.

You can see it in action here.

Jesus has commissioned those who believe in him to continue his work, in his power and authority. We are his body, still at work on earth.

Recommended Reading & Resources

What If You’re Powerless? – What if you don’t know how to access the power of God to do the things Jesus said in John 14:12 that anyone who believes in him would do? Here are two books that have been significant to me, and that I highly recommend:

  • There is More! by Randy Clark
  • When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson

What If You Don’t Know What to Do In A World Groaning Under the Weight of Evil? – What the World Needs Now is a new blog post at my website that lists 3 free video resources to help Christ-followers move into action ushering in the kingdom of God into a world that is groaning under the weight of evil.

What If You’re Sick? – It’s Time to Get Your Health Back is a new blog post at my website with some excellent free videos and upcoming free live online events that I highly recommend for anyone who needs physical healing or wants to minister physical healing to others.

I Need Your Help!

When God gave me a vision last year for the number of people he wants to reach with the messages in my books, I knew immediately that there was no way I could do it on my own. And so I continually ask him to open the way, and to show me what to do next.

Right after I published Faith with Wings a few weeks ago, I took the next step he had shown me. I took a training course in Amazon advertising for authors and began to advertise.

But there’s a catch! One of the keys to the success of Amazon ads is that when someone clicks on my ad and arrives at my book page on Amazon, they expect to see reviews there from other readers. Those reviews help them decide whether the book would be a good choice for them—and whether to buy it.

And right now, there aren’t any reviews! So I really need your help:

If you’ve read Faith with Wings—or any of my books—and you’re not related to me—would you consider leaving an honest Amazon review of the ones you’ve read? Even if you received a copy of the book as a gift or received a promotional copy through a contest or giveaway, Amazon still permits you to leave a review, as long as you state that fact.

I’m Kind of On the Clock…

There’s also kind of urgency to this, as well, because the other next step I’ve taken will kick into gear in just a couple of weeks: I’ll be participating in my first promotion for inspirational books, beginning June 22!

(If you’d like to enter to win some inspirational nonfiction and fiction books in that genre, you’re also invited to check it out! Details will be on their site in a couple more weeks at

Through that promotion, a large number of people could be joining this email community—but they also will be looking for those book reviews of my books on Amazon to help them decide whether my books are for them.

So, could you click over to Amazon now and leave honest reviews for all of my books that you’ve read? All the links are below. (But if you’re related to me, please don’t leave a review—that’s not permitted!) Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.

Parting Words

I’ve been thinking about the prophet Elijah’s shelter-in-place experience, and how God never stops being God. Elijah lived in hiding, under threat, during a drought and famine—for more than 3 years. Even during that trying time, Elijah saw great miracles. He was fed miraculously. Sheltered miraculously. And he raised a dead child to life. (You can read the whole story in 1 Kings. It begins at chapter 16, verse 29.)

God is always at work.

I’d love to hear what God has been doing in your life these past several weeks. Just hit reply to send me an email. Also, if you would like specific prayer, please let me know.

To your freedom, health, & wholeness,


P.S. Here’s the link to Leave an Amazon Review for Faith with Wings

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