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Healing Testimony

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!

PSALM 66:5 (NLT)

People Ask How My Miracle Healings Happened

In Faith with Wings (2020) I share the story of a dream in which I vehemently made the accusation against God that he was never going to heal me because he hadn’t already done it.  God used the dream to expose the lie. In the rest of that book, I talk about what happened after the lie met the light.

52 days after that book was published, God began giving me miraculous healings.  And he continued to tear down lies.

In June of 2021, God gave me a similar opportunity to tell him what was in my heart—again, while I was sleeping and he could bypass my inhibition and find the answer that was really living inside me.

In the dream, someone had not yet been healed. But I knew without a doubt that God would heal them, because the New Testament records a God who healed everyone who came to him for healing—whatever their need. In the dream, I enthusiastically proclaimed in a loud voice, “He healed them all!” And then, smiling right into Jesus’s face, I joyfully exclaimed, “It’s who you are!”

The stark difference between these two dreams revealed to me how my faith had changed, in just the space of a few years. And I can tell you, looking into Jesus’s face with joy was definitely the better of the two.

My nonfiction books, including Jesus as Healer, Stay, and Faith with Wings, share the start of my journey from one of those “bookend” dreams to the other.

My fiction book series was also an important part of my journey. During the writing of the Valley of Artisans fiction series (in 2020-2021), before the series was published in October 2021, I received more miraculous healings.

SPOILER ALERT: The next paragraph reveals a spoiler for the book Open for Miracles.

While writing the book Open for Miracles, I felt prompted to rewrite the healing miracle in the book from a past healing River’s Grandma had received, to a different miracle: the healing for River’s brain injury from mold illness.

After I did so, I received medically-verified healing from God for my own toxic encephalopathy; see the April 19, 2021, video testimony below. (The events and details of my own experience were different from River’s fictional account.)

Then, in August 2021, just a few weeks after after the joyful dream I shared above, (still during the writing of the Valley of Artisans series, and before that series was published), I received medically-verified miraculous healing of chemical sensitivity at a healing meeting; see the August 24, 2021, testimony below.

Here’s a compilation of healing testimony I’ve shared publicly about Jesus’ amazing healing work.

My Healing:

Other People’s Healing:

Why Share Testimony?

Testimonies about God’s miracles builds faith. Giving testimony about what Jesus did is also an act of worship. And, according to Scripture, the spirit released by that testimony⁠—by that worship⁠—speaks (prophesies) what he is yet to do.

“Worship God, because the testimony about Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”