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True Accounts: Answer to Prayer & Healing of Meniere’s Disease

At yesterday’s Crossroads Women’s Ministry Prayer Retreat, I shared some true accounts of what God has been doing.

One is an amazing answer to prayer from my new book, Faith with Wings, and another is about the supernatural healing of an Indiana man who had had Meniere’s Disease for 5 years. (I know the person who was healed, and have his written testimony on file.)

If you’ve ever had a health condition without a cure, I don’t have to tell you what God’s healing means to the sick.

This is a call to action. There is something Christians are being invited into.

Check out the 5-minute video:

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  1. Chris Harrell Chris Harrell

    I’ve been dealing with inner ear damage for years following an explosion, and more recently Meniere’s disease has been severe at times. I’ve had drop attacks out of nowhere which slam me to the ground. It’s like being pushed off a very tall building and having absolutely no orientation of the ground’s direction. Its horrible. Other times I just almost fall, coupled with a pounding blood pressure rise inside my head with a double to triple type vision. Standing still during the latter for a few seconds will usually realign the inner ear. I’m seeking prayer from your group, if you wouldn’t mind…please remember me. I would have never thought in all my years that just when I’m at a point of my prime in adulthood, that I would be presented with this. I need a true miracle from Father. Thanks for your team praying for me. Chris

    • Chris,
      I am glad to speak the healing of Jesus to your ear and body.
      Nothing is impossible for him.

  2. Leon . R Leon . R

    I have recently experienced menieres symptoms and signs like Hearing loss
    Multiple tinnitus sounds at once
    Tensor tympani messing up
    Stressing me in alot of ways. And my father and mother are trying their best for me to get a time and proffesional help to see if I actually have it or not. I would be the most unluckiest guy if I have it because I am in the beginning of my teenage years only being 13 experiencing these symptoms. And I live in a city in a European country where proffesional help takes 2-3 months to get. Everyone in this city complains at the medical system in this city. It pains I cant get help. My prayers are for the ones who suffer with this. Prayers from you people would also be appreciated. This will 1 day be gone for those that pray, have faith in god. God bless you guys and may you all be cured. He is king and love. – Leon

    • Leon,
      As I prayed for your healing today, I envisioned that Jesus would put his hands on your ears, cupping them in the palms of his hands, and smile a radiant smile at you that reaches your heart, and that you would be healed. The same way Jesus did for Greg. Jesus cares for you and loves you.

      Jesus, thank you for your love and care for Leon. Thank you for healing his ears.

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