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Get Ready for What God is Doing

I’m AmyLu Riley. I invite you to join me in part of what God is doing to pour out healing in our time by the power of his Holy Spirit. I believe that we have never seen anything like what God is preparing to do in and through his church and in the world. But we have a part in it. God is inviting us to work with him.

God led me to write a book called Faith with Wings that is a spiritual tool to prepare his people, and to position hearts toward him in order to receive what we need from him for the work he’s inviting us into.

I’m eagerly anticipating what God is about to do in and for the world he loves. I don’t want to miss out on cooperating with him in any of what he’s prepared in advance for us to do, and I don’t want you to miss out either. I invite you to use this book as a tool to prepare.

You can order the book today. Faith with Wings is available online in paperback and ebook editions. The ebook can be read on any electronic device.

Would you consider sharing this with some friends, and inviting them to read Faith with Wings along with you? The book has discussion questions in the back for every chapter.

I’ve also made a free companion devotional available that corresponds to each of the chapters of Faith with Wings.

Get ready to soar free.

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