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Faith with Wings

Faith with Wings book cover




In the long wait for healing, AmyLu’s heart has grown guarded toward God. Years of living unhealed have slipped subtle wedges into her relationship with God, until one day she realizes her love for him has cooled, and the wedges are why.

Not knowing how to fix the situation, she asks God to turn every wedge in their relationship into something that will help her love him more.

But she could not have predicted what would happen next.

As God exposes the lies that have tethered her, she discovers that nothing is the way she thought. She becomes free–free to love God, and free to live in a whole new way.

You’re invited into that freedom, too.

With Christian faith and the insight of personal experience, author AmyLu Riley takes on the spiritual issues of people seeking healing from chronic health issues.

In this surprising true story, you’ll learn how one simple prayer from a hurting heart can throw open the door to a life-changing work only God can do.

  • Get free as God untangles the hidden lies in your way.
  • Discover how God really feels about the healing you need.
  • Watch yourself go from wary about God, to really trusting him.
  • Find yourself loving God in a way that changes you.
  • Be unleashed to fulfill your true destiny in the kingdom of God.

Faith with Wings will help you love the God who wants to heal you, and live spiritually complete and free—the way you were designed to.

Come on an unexpected journey of truth, love, and freedom in Christ. This is a message of hope for every believer waiting for healing.

Get ready to soar free.

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“I loved Faith with Wings.” – Greg Allen

“This book took me along a solid path and placed my hand in God’s hand.”

“I feel quite challenged;

status quo just isn’t going to work anymore.”

“But this isn’t about what I ought to do—it’s about desire and anticipation. I now have a deep yearning and a clear path to grow my relationship with God.”

“The world needs this message. I’m eager to get this in the hands of people. I can’t wait to use it in a virtual small group discussion setting.” – Greg Allen

Book cover Faith with Wings by AmyLu Riley


Ebook cover of Faith with Wings by AmyLu Riley


A Message from the Author

Have you heard what happened just 52 days after Faith with Wings was published?

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