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August 2020 Email Archive -(Special Extra)

August 2020 Email Archive – Want to Get My Next Book for Free?

I have some really exciting news to share with you:

1. Healing!

Just 52 days after my 2020 book Faith with Wings was published, I received healing from God of chronic physical health issues that had gone on for years–and that hadn’t been healed by extensive lifestyle and medical interventions.

When I wrote in Faith with Wings that God was getting ready to pour out healing on more people, and I talked about how we can position ourselves individually to be ready to be part of it… that is proving to be true.

I hope you will read and draw life from the inspirational true story in Faith with Wings.

2. My next book will be inspirational fiction!

I know from personal experience that there can be a lot of life in inspirational fiction books, too. That’s why I’m so excited about this upcoming book!

But I can’t successfully launch my next book alone. I’ll need your help.

Want to Read My Next Book for Free?

The new book isn’t ready yet… it’s still in the early stages. But I’m asking for your help now! I’m looking for some members of my email community who would like to read my next book for free just before it’s published and then leave a review of the book online right after it’s published.

Reviews are really important to the success of independently published books like mine, so I’m really grateful when my readers take the time to post a review… for any of my books!

A select number of spots are open for the new book launch team! If you’re interested, apply here:

Apply to Be On the New Book Launch Team [NOTE: Link has been deactivated for archive.]

Sharing How God is Working Through Books

There’s a lot of power in stories, in words. God has already worked through my previous books to bring freedom, healing, and wholeness to other people.

In fact, check out this review of Faith with Wings.

And then please leave a review of your own. It’s much appreciated. It helps other readers, and it helps me!

I’m truly glad you’re here, as part of this email community. Thank you!

To your freedom, health, & wholeness,


AmyLu Riley, Author

P.S. Here are those links one more time!

AmyLu Riley | P.O. Box 411, Roanoke, IN 46783 | United States
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