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October 2022 Email Archive – A Prayer for You – Joy & Enjoyment of Life

A Prayer for You: Joy & Enjoyment of Life

One of my favorite things to do on a perfect fall day is bicycle.

Today, a squirrel moved across the road in front of me at a leisurely pace—more of a lumber than a scamper. It seemed like we were both enjoying the warm sun and light breeze of early October in Indiana.

Although the roads under the trees where I live aren’t being pelted by acorns just yet, the squirrel brought to mind a scene from Remembering, book 1 in the Valley of Artisans series. I’ll share it below.

I’ve been thinking a lot about joy and the enjoyment of life. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon repeatedly calls them gifts of God. They are gifts God can and does give—even before everything is done, or perfect.

What deeply good gifts they are, from a very good God.

Prayer of Blessing for You

I pray that your life will be marked by the kind of joy and the gift of enjoyment of life that only God can give.

In the Valley of Artisans, It’s AutumnFest Time

In Remembering: Valley of Artisans – Book 1, God is deeply at work in the life of the town’s new potter, River Carter.

In this fall scene, River Carter has just received something that might be an answer to an important prayer, and she’s eager to find out for herself:

She had planned to ride her bike today, to enjoy the beautiful weather and the smell of leaves and the sound of already-spent acorns crunching under her tires, but now she felt like she couldn’t bear the suspense of the extra time it would take to get there. She would roll the car windows down instead, she told herself, as she rushed toward the garage.

Arriving at the pottery shop, River unlocked the door, not even stopping to turn the ceramic door sign to OPEN. She hurriedly set her tea mug down on the counter and gently lowered all of her bags to one spot on the floor, leaving them there in a pile.

River strode straight to the workroom, and went directly to the cupboard she had seen that morning in her memory.

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The Entire Valley of Artisans Series is Available in Paperback and Ebook

Parting Words

As I think of some of my favorite books, I know it’s because of the life and light they’ve carried to me.

I’m grateful to know that, based on reviews, you and other readers are having a good experience with the Valley of Artisans series.

May all that you read bring you life and light.

If you would like prayer for anything, please send me an email.

To your freedom, health, and wholeness,


P.S. Thank you for leaving your reviews of my books, and for sharing about them on social media. Your feedback helps new readers decide to read them.

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