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Healing of Chemical Sensitivity and Mold Sensitivity

On August 15, 2021, during a meeting at Glory City Church Atlanta, in Suwanee, Georgia, Katherine Ruonala gave a word of knowledge for someone who had developed something from exposure to chemicals. I received the word of knowledge. Then, through Katherine, Jesus healed.

This healing is recorded at 2:28:54 through 2:30:00 in this video:

I spent time on my knees thanking Jesus, and then I began sharing the testimony of what he had done.

On August 23, 2021, I received confirmation from my medical doctor that I am healed of chemical sensitivity and that my body’s response to mold is now typical.

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  1. Isabel Isabel

    I have the same thing…multiple chemical sensitivity and have been seeking a healing for years…there are no churches in my rural area that have a healing ministry. I am still sick…

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