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The Collard Leaf

I have gardened for many years, and I have never seen a collard leaf like this one I picked from my garden on June 1, 2021. While the leaf appeared normal in every other regard, a specific portion of it was totally devoid of green. Collard greens are supposed to be dark green, but a specific portion of this leaf was white.

This Vates Collard leaf, grown from seed in my garden, presented on June 1, 2021, with a distinct portion of the leaf white instead of green.

This leaf was a sign that made me wonder, but I didn’t have to wonder long. That very night, a dream told me its story.

Email subscribers saw the story in my July 1 email. You’re invited to join the email community free here. And you can read the story of the leaf in the July 2021 email archive.

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  1. Kim Ellsperman Kim Ellsperman

    Your words have the power to persuade, convict, transform a life as you speak Gods words beautifully. This is timely. May I have your permission to forward your email on to others (personal friends and family)? I bless what God is doing through your life. I suspect it has comes at a price. Those who love Him have counted the cost and made the decision to say YES even into death.

    • Hi, Kim! You are welcome to forward the email to anyone you would like to share it with. Thank you for your blessing. It’s great to hear from you! God bless you, dear sister.

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