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River Carter arrives in the Valley of Artisans to reopen her family’s pottery shop, excited to shape a life of her own. She’ll be creating the art she loves, and helping to make the town into a thriving tourist destination once more.

But will lingering challenges from River’s mold-injured brain threaten her dreams?

Gradual memory gains feel more like a bane than a blessing, when they dredge up a shattered friendship she’d rather forget. And could River’s remaining cognitive deficits and doubts end up costing her the livelihood she wants so much?

As River faces each obstacle with faith in God, she discovers gifts from him that she’ll never forget.

Remembering is book 1 in the Valley of Artisans series, a gentle, small-town fiction series by inspirational Christian author AmyLu Riley.

Book cover - Remembering by AmyLu Riley

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