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Gratitude & More Miracles!

Our Work Continues!

We are so grateful for God’s provision and guidance for every step of this year of Richard’s career transition, and for all those who prayed for us.

We were blessed with freelance work for Richard this year from a local company, Concept Sound & Light, where Richard met and worked with a lot of great people.

On July 4, Richard video directed the live screens for a Zach Williams concert during Praise in the Park in Madisonville, Kentucky.

In October, Richard accepted a full-time remote position as a Workflow Engineer with Conference Technologies, Inc.

Richard joined the Atlanta group of CTI on October 25.

AmyLu published her first Christian fiction series of four books in October. All four books in the new Valley of Artisans series are available in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

AmyLu’s four new fiction books… and a dog nose

In May, AmyLu joined Theresa Dedmon’s Create Academy, an online fellowship of ministering Christian creatives.

Richard continues to serve on the media tech team at Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, and also enjoys editing videos for use in the church services. (You can see some of his projects here.)

New Garden Beds!

Richard built two raised garden beds this spring. His stepfather Ken helped with power-sawing and hauling organic growing medium. We enjoyed a harvest of organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

The garden was profuse.
Happy butterfly


We celebrated Richard’s 50th birthday in June!

Annie (age 11), Richard (50 and fabulous), and Richard’s mom, Charlene
Charlene, Richard, and Kenny – Richard’s 50th birthday – June

More Healing Miracles!

We are thanking God for more healing miracles this year! See AmyLu’s testimony at

In August, AmyLu had the opportunity to stay with our dear friends in Georgia, Jen & Todd Bagby and Grant, and attend a life-changing meeting with Katherine Ruonala, a minister visiting from Australia.

AmyLu with Katherine Ruonala, Glory City Atlanta Church, August 15, 2021

At Katherine Ruonala’s book table after the August 15 meeting, AmyLu and Katherine connected over a shared passion: that Jesus healed all who came for healing, and he healed them 100%. My dear sister Jen Bagby captured the encouraging encounter in photographs.


We have been so blessed to enjoy good times together with friends, family, and each other this year.

With Rice Family – January
(Josh & Caleigh are engaged to marry next year!)
Angie & Jon, AmyLu & Richard – Indiana State Fair – August
Jen Bagby & AmyLu – August
With Bea & Merle – Brown County State Park – September
Celebrating Thanksgiving – November

Celebrating Mary Allen and Sixth & Zero Day in Evansville on World Environmental Health Day, September 26

This newsletter feels like the amazing tip of a whole iceberg of all God is doing and that we are so grateful for.

Our prayer for each one for 2022 is that we will all experience the peace of God, and know his love more deeply than ever before, as we keep our eyes on Jesus.

Richard & AmyLu