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2 Books by Susie Larson I Highly Recommend for the Christian Life

The first time I saw Susie Larson speak and pray—during this Facebook live event in November 2018—I was immediately drawn to the uncommon quality and depth of her faith. The more I heard and read from her, the more I understood: her faith had been forged in the fire. That quality makes her words—written and spoken—come from a place that makes them very worthwhile of consideration.

For the past 16 months or so, I’ve taken my time in going through two of her books, along with their companion DVDs, and I wanted to recommend them to you, because they are excellent. (Just a note: it doesn’t take that long to read these books; I actually read the first one very quickly, as an audio book—probably in just a few hours. But then I decided I wanted to sit with both of these books, and that is why the long timeline.)

Fully Alive by Susie Larson – Book & 10-Session DVD

Fully Alive is probably my favorite book to recommend and give as a gift. What human doesn’t need inner healing? Who doesn’t need to be set free from some pain of the past? The book is outstanding. And the DVD is perfect for viewing on your own, or else for helping to facilitate a group discussion.

Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson – Book & 6-Session DVD

Every Christ-follower has been brought into the kingdom of Heaven, with a purpose that, when lived out, builds that kingdom.

Your Beautiful Purpose would make a great gift for adults of any age in any season of life transition; young adults in the process of choosing a vocation; and new Christians.

One very helpful aspect of the book is how it characterizes some of the different types of seasons in which believers find ourselves. It recognizes and addresses the very real spiritual assault on our callings, and can serve as an orienting you are here kind of tool for times that can feel extremely disorienting if we can’t name them.

I appreciate the Scripture studies in both of these books, and the fact that these books and DVDs don’t wrap everything up neatly with a bow, but rather lead the reader into deeper discipleship in Christ.

Susie Larson Blessings

While you’re deciding which book or book/DVD set to start with, I’d also like to recommend following Susie’s morning and evening blessings on Instagram or Facebook. This kingdom woman pulls down the blessings of Heaven twice daily. I highly recommend receiving them.

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