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A Pasture for Peterkin by Agnes Sanford – Teaching on Prayer for Older Kids & Adults

A Pasture for Peterkin by Agnes Sanford is infused with practical teachings on prayer and faith so interwoven into the story that I expect  I will remember them—and be able to implement them—for a long time.

Teaching in stories was one of the primary ways Jesus taught. He knew how people think, what gets into our minds and our hearts, what we remember.

Agnes Sanford did the same. She used her fiction books, which were mostly written for adults, as teaching stories to relay lessons of faith, prayer, and healing that she had learned in real life. She also wrote one book, A Pasture for Peterkin, infused with practical lessons on prayer and faith geared toward younger readers (around 8 to 12 years old). I think any adult Christian would benefit from reading it, as well. I know I did.

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Although I had heard recordings of lectures Agnes Sanford gave on the use of visualization in healing prayer, the way that practice is explained in A Pasture for Peterkin is definitely helping me remember how to do it.

The book also addresses these and other questions that not only children, but also many adults, have:

  • How should I pray when I don’t know God’s will in a certain matter?
  • How can I pray when a situation appears so complex I can’t see any good outcome?
  • Why doesn’t God contravene free will in order to protect people from hurt?
  • What is the way to stop worrying about a thing while I am waiting for the answer to my prayer?
  • What is my human role in bringing about God’s will on earth?
  • How are forgiveness and effective prayer connected?

Reading this book was a few hours very well spent, with benefits to my faith and prayer life that I hope will extend through the rest of my life. I recommend the book for readers of all ages.

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