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Helping Others Soar

God wants you to soar because he loves you. And when you soar, you’ll be living a dream that God envisioned for you long ago… one that will bring his love to other people.

God wants you to soar because he loves you

Whatever You’re Facing

Warmest thanks to Christian author Regina Walker for inviting me to share a guest post, Whatever You’re Facing, It’s Time to Soar, today at her website.

Are you dealing with something hard right now?

I see you.

And I want you to put that impossible thing to one side of your thoughts for a moment, and go with me somewhere else. Somewhere higher.

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What We Have for Others

As I recently read Regina Walker’s debut novel, We Go On, which depicts a family’s grief following suicide, I found myself watching for what the various characters in the fictional story—the pastor, friends, and strangers—had to give to those who were hurting.

The topic called to mind the testimony Agnes Sanford shared in her own books (Sealed Orders and The Second Mrs. Wu) about living with depression and intensifying thoughts of self-harm for decades. And then, finally, she was delivered from spiritual oppression in an instant by a believer who knew his authority in Christ to heal and deliver.

You know what I want for every person reading these words? I want you to be a believer who knows your authority in Christ, and who is able to exercise that authority to minister freedom to your family, your friends, yourself, and others.

Jesus said you would (Mark 16).

It’s time.

Here’s why and how.

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