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“How to Journal with God” Book Now Available

If you’d like to deepen your friendship with God, and you feel drawn to journaling, How to Journal with God by AmyLu Riley is for you.

How to Journal with God by AmyLu Riley is available now in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

In these pages, AmyLu Riley draws from a long journaling practice and writing career to share insights designed to help you begin or grow your practice of journaling with God.

You’ll discover:

  • Why journal with God
  • A divine invitation for you
  • Content types to explore
  • Practical tips for taking your journaling experience to another level
  • Journal prompts

God has provided an open-door invitation to come and talk with him. This book is designed to walk you through it, with pen in hand.

How to Journal with God is available now in paperback and ebook at Amazon.

About the Author
AmyLu Riley is the author of several Christian nonfiction and fiction books. Her writing grows out of her friendship with God.

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