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Defending Your Healing from Spiritual Attack

Before and after receiving a significant physical healing from Jesus, I also received timely tools that God knew I would need to defend my healing from enemy attack.

Since then, I have heard from other believers under spiritual attack following or during their own physical healings, so I wanted to share this.

Here is one strategy God provided* that helped me to defend my own healing from attack, that you can use, too. It includes three actions based on James 4:7-8:

  1. Submit to God – Put myself under God’s wing; ask him for help and strength
  2. Resist the devil, using the Word – As Jesus demonstrated in the wilderness
  3. Draw near to God – Through gratitude, worship, and intimacy

The word SWORD, arranged as shown here, is the way God gave me to help me remember this strategy in the heat of spiritual battle:

This was an important tool.

God provided these other vital tools, as well:

  • A friend who had received a significant healing from God months before I did made me aware that his healing had subsequently come under spiritual attack. His testimony alerted me to the fact that this kind of spiritual attack can occur.
  • In her book about her own healing, Joanne Moody shared how she successfully defended her physical healing against two weeks of subsequent spiritual attack. (She was told by the Global Awakening associate who had prayed for her healing, Richard Holcomb, that if and when her pain tried to return, she must tell Satan to “Get out in Jesus’ name.” She did, and kept her healing.) I had read Moody’s book just a few weeks before my own healing, and had tucked that piece of information away in my memory, and then re-read that portion of her book again when my own healing was under spiritual attack.
  • International Association of Healing Ministries (AIMG – IAHM) provides a helpful page of information at its website, called How to Keep Your Healing.

For the Not-Yet Healed

I want to say a word now to someone who is contending for healing from a chronic health issue, or from several of them. You already know what it is like to be under spiritual attack, because sickness is an attack of the enemy.

Now is the time to prepare to keep the healing that you are contending for.

Get to know intimately what God says about healing. Spend time under God’s wing now.

God is pouring out more and more healing. The God who heals has also made a way for us to defend the healing he gives. We need to understand our role, and be ready to use the tools he has made available.

We can all submit to God and ask for help, resist the devil using the Word of God, and increase our intimacy with God.

*Acknowledgement and thanks to Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville, Indiana, for sharing a timely teaching on James 4:7-8 from Andy Reese and Emily Linge during an online training in which I participated in June 2020.

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