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The Healing Breakthrough by Randy Clark is Excellent for Those Seeking Healing

If you or someone you care about needs healing from God, or you want to help others receive healing, The Healing Breakthrough by Randy Clark is for you.

I’ve read several books by Randy Clark, all of which I can recommend, but this one has answered some questions that nothing else yet had.

In Part 1 of this book, Clark clears away so much of what he calls “rubble” that is in the way of people’s healing—11 issues that can be cleared up for a reader in less than an hour—instead of spending years or a lifetime tripping over them.

broken stone wall
In my book Faith with Wings, I wrote about obstacles the enemy had constructed between me and God. Even if we can’t see them and don’t know they exist, these obstacles still act as barriers. Clark’s book The Healing Breakthrough will help tear down obstacles to your healing of which you may not even be aware.
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For example, Clark’s take on Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”—an interpretation I had never heard before—is so beautiful in its simplicity, and so tied to Scripture and to its historical context, that it strikes me as being the most plausible I have heard yet. (*See note below.) It also gets Paul’s thorn completely out of the way of healing theology.

In Part 2 of this book, Clark discusses several variables that increase the opportunity for healing, and explains them in a way that is very easy to understand. If one ever wondered why God didn’t come to heal them sooner, I believe one could look at this list and begin to see a myriad ways the enemy has worked to keep people from these things. I certainly did.

water flowing into a rocky inlet
Where barriers are removed, water may flow.
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One of the things that strikes me about the variables that work to increase someone’s opportunities for divine healing is how many of them depend on other people. (That fact is a call to action to every Christ follower.)

If you are in need of healing, or even if you are not the one in need of healing today, I recommend The Healing Breakthrough. Through this book, God will work in a very clear way to remove rubble, and to help create an atmosphere for healing—whether yours or someone else’s.

*EDITED MAY 28, 2021 TO ADD THIS NOTE: Randy Clark makes the point in The Healing Breakthrough that Paul, a Pharisee and therefore a learned scholar of the Old Testament writings, was using the term thorn in his writing the way the Old Testament used it: in reference to people. I looked up all of the O.T. references I could find that used the word thorn and found Clark’s rationale quite solid. Check out Numbers 33:55 (people will become thorns in your eyes and your sides); Joshua 23:13 (nationspeople—will become thorns in your eyes); and Judges 2:3 (people will be thorns in your sides). I think it is also significant to note that God is being quoted directly in each of those references; he is the one using the word thorn to refer to people. I could find no references in the Old Testament to a thorn being a physical ailment.

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