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First Fruits of “Open for Miracles” Book

On October 22, 2021, I shared with my email community about the first fruits of my newly released fiction book Open for Miracles: Valley of Artisans – Book 2.

I’d like to share those testimonies with you, now, as well. Below is an excerpt from that email. (And if you’re not yet part of my email community, but you’d like to be, subscribe here.)

Open for Miracles: Valley of Artisans – Book 2 is now available on Amazon! It’s the second of four books in my new Christian fiction series, Valley of Artisans.

Here’s where you can get your paperback and ebook copies:

One of the miraculous healings I’ve received from God happened during the writing of this book. (See the April 19, 2021, entry in my healing testimony.)

And last week, before this book was published, I felt led to read a very short excerpt from it to a woman who had suffered for 30 years from a certain condition, and God set her completely free at that very time.

I believe that God is working in many creative ways to heal in this exciting season, and I am very expectant to hear many more testimonies arise from his work through these and other books.

I believe God is inviting us to raise our expectations of him. If you haven’t already seen my recent blog post, check out The Mailbox and the Loading Dock.

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