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New Book “Jesus as Healer” Coming in Spring 2016!

Jesus as Healer, the new book by AmyLu Riley, is coming in Spring 2016. Sign up now for email updates.

Jesus as Healer book cover
Jesus as Healer, new book by AmyLu Riley, coming Spring 2016

Look into the face of the one who can heal anything.

Explore with wide-eyed wonder the greatest healing miracles of all time. Walk beside the most successful healer who ever lived, Jesus, and be transformed by his words and actions.

• Find out the one thing that amazed Jesus—something you can still have today.
• Uncover the only obstacle that ever got in Jesus’ way—and that might be in your way, too.
• Learn Jesus’ cure for a fatal condition only he has healed—a solution that can save your life.

Come away on a life-changing meditation journey through the incredible work of Jesus as healer in the Bible book of Luke.

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      Thank you, Joyce! I really appreciate your and Ron’s input and prayers. As soon as the book becomes available, I’ll post ordering information here. (If you want to be notified via email, there is a place here on the website to sign up for updates.) Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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